Technology and process expertise

The VICODA Group takes a holistic approach: continuous product and process development, ensuring the state of the art through active participation in committees, and structured process flows, from finding solutions, product selection and delivery to installation and commissioning, in order to provide customers with quality and innovative products and state-of-the-art services.

  • An edge in expertise as a customer advantage

    As a technology-driven company, the VICODA Group is constantly working on new products, services, methods and procedures. This happens in our own development departments and in cooperation with universities. Working methods and tools, for example in development engineering, project management and production technology, are constantly being optimized across locations by interdisciplinary teams and adapted to constantly changing requirements.

  • Active participation in committees

    At the same time, experts from the VICODA Group are involved in national and international committees with a view to on-going development of the latest technology with their expertise. Among others, VICODA experts are represented in:

    IFV Railway Technology, Economic Advisory Board
    DIN 45673, Part 1–9
    DIN 45672, Part 1–2
    DIN 4150, Part 1
    Groundborne Vibration Group, UK
    American Public Transportation Association (APTA), US
    VDI 4552, DE