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Steel spring elements

There is a variety of specific ranges available for the various applications. These are tailored, manufactured and delivered according to project requirements. If necessary, the spring elements are equipped with integrated viscoelastic dampers.

  • Areas of application
  • Operating principle
  • Product advantages
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Areas of application

Spring elements are used for applications such as vibration-isolated installation of machinery in power plants, which includes things such as turbines, pumps, blowers, coal mills etc., or of large machines such as presses, forging hammers, crushers and the like. If required, buildings or precision machinery can also be installed with vibration isolation.

Operating principle

Installing machines with vibration isolation greatly reduces the transmission of dynamic loads between the machine and the foundation. Source insulation reduces the vibrations of crushers and presses, for example. Receiver isolation protects sensitive measuring and production machines from vibrations in the environment.

Product advantages

  • Large load range: 1 kN (224.81 lbf) to 2,700 kN (606,984.15 lbf)
  • Operational stability compliant with EC 3
  • Low natural frequency (1 Hz to 8 Hz) of the system and thus maximum isolation
  • Horizontal spring rates of 20% to 130% of the vertical spring rate
  • Can be preset and blocked so that a replacement is always available
  • Surface coatings for corrosion categories up to C5 compliant with DIN EN ISO 12944
  • Individual damping factor with integrated dampers as required