VICODA Group – Calenberg Engineers GmbH

26. November 2018

On 04.10.18 the head of production Olaf Scholz celebrated 25 years of service at Calenberg. Trained as an industrial mechanic, he came to Calenberg on the recommendation of the head of production at the time, Manfred Dolle (his later father-in-law) and began work as a product processor. Through this personal contact and further training, Mr. Scholz became the vice-deputy head of production only a few years later and in 2001 was appointed deputy head. After the early death of his father-in-law in the year 2002, Mr. Scholz was then appointed head of production. In to-day’s world, where employees change companies more often than in the past, it does not happen very frequently that an employee stays with a company all his or her life. Mr. Wisniewski stressed that this ensures a good performance and a stable future for the firm. The general manager, Mr. Peter Wisniewski, and the whole team at Calenberg Engineers thank Mr. Scholz for his reliability and long years of commitment.