VICODA and Calenberg at the Vibration Technology Exhibition in Japan

17. January 2019

The 10th Vibration Technology Exhibition is a professional technology exhibition, held at Yokohama, Japan, focusing on the applied technology regarding generation, isolation, damping, and measurement of vibration in any industry.
VICODA will present its vibration control product portfolio specially suitable for industrial plants consisting of spring elements, viscoelastic dampers and tuned mass dampers (for pipes) to get known to a broad spectrum of the Japanese public.
Calenberg is known as a specialist of qualitatively high-value products for vibration control.
At this exhibition Calenberg wants to introduce a part of its products e.g.
– Profiled Cibatur® mat for machinery support
– OIL-EX® Absorption Mat for groundwater or soil protection
– Cisilent® as a mobile or stationary housing for all kinds of machines and equipment or as a mobile or stationary partitions to separate sensitive office or production areas from industrial and traffic noise

We would like to invite you to visit our stand at the exhibition to present our new technologies, products and services.