Structural engineering

The VICODA Group is a solution provider for static component support, vibration isolation and vibration control systems – from design and planning to on-site installation, with the aim of improving the quality of the structures.

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Maximum comfort thanks to vibration protection in structural engineering

In urban agglomerations, buildings are being built closer and closer to railway lines, industrial plants and major roads. Efficient measures for vibration protection must therefore already be taken into account during the planning phase. Installing structural support measures according to a plan also makes it possible to absorb movements resulting from deformation in a controlled manner and transfer forces statically.

Structural bearings and vibration-isolated structural support
Bearings for static loads are always used where compressive forces, angular torsion and horizontal deformations at the joints of the components can lead to damage. Vibrating machinery or vibrations from road or rail traffic can have a severe impact on people in buildings as well as the buildings themselves. Vibration-isolated structural support protects buildings against vibration emissions.

Vibration control in structural engineering through Tuned Mass Dampers
Tuned mass dampers are an effective means of reducing unwanted vibrations in structural engineering. This makes it possible to achieve the highest standards for comfortable living and maximize the lifespan of a building.


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