Passive tuned mass dampers with innovative eddy current technology


Tall, slender buildings or structures with projecting shapes are susceptible to unwanted vibrations due to wind or pedestrian stimulation. Passive tuned mass dampers are used to effectively control the dynamic load cases. It is particularly important that a passive tuned mass damper is constructed in a failsafe manner and is fully functional even in the most diverse climate conditions.


Passive tuned mass damper consist of a moving mass, a stiffness element and a damping element. For the damping element in particular, different technical solutions are used. The use of eddy current dampers here is an innovative solution and offers several advantages. Eddy current dampers use permanent magnets to generate a magnetic field through which a conductive plate is moved. During a relative movement between the conductive plate and the magnetic field, eddy currents are induced and a Lorentz force counteracts the movement. This force is used as a damping force. Eddy current dampers are passive systems that work without an external energy supply. Under normal environmental conditions, eddy current dampers provide nearly constant damping factors, independent of temperature and over their entire path and frequency range. It is especially their property of producing pure damping forces without equivalent rigidity that distinguishes them in particular from viscoelastic dampers.


Selection of products

Passive tuned mass dampers for bridges with innovative eddy current technology: the passive tuned mass damper is structurally designed in such a way that the damping mechanism is contactless and thus wear-free. The desired damping parameter can be set on site. Furthermore, the damper frequency can be tuned precisely and adjusted once the system has been mounted. This results in effective vibration control. In addition, the passive tuned mass damper is characterized by a product life of more than 20 years, without the need for any maintenance or replacement of wearing parts.


Our passive tuned mass dampers are adapted to the specific project. Our focus is on application engineering, so that we can design the optimal absorber for your application. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant technical department.